Play Fair!

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Play Fair!


1999; 2002 (revised)


Recreation SanFrancisco Mother House; Seattle Abbey of St. Joan (revised)



STIs, Safer Sex, Self Care


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"Several Months Ago, Mother Superior noticed a lot of sniffing, coughing, grimacing, twitching, scratching, and farting around the convent. Several of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were complaining about itchy pussies, burning buttholes, sore balls, swollen glands, discharges, scratchy throats, rashes, cramps, lumps, and tingling between their legs. Besides hiring a resident Roto-Rooter specialist and replacing the hinges on the bathroom doors weekly, the convent’s consumption of toilet paper, aspirin, Band-Aids, and air freshener grew so much that Mother Superior was forced to ask the Pope for a larger slush fund
just to keep the order afloat. Embarrassed by such outrageous expenses and alarmed by the illness—
and in some cases the downright collapse—of the Sisters, Mother Superior made it her business to get to the bottom of this unhappy situation on the very morning she found a crab walking up her leg. What she discovered might gross you out, but these findings may prove useful in preventing or eliminating similar situations in your life. It seems that the Sisters were suffering from numerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, scabies, intestinal parasites, hepatitis, warts, and HIV (not to mention the deadly guilt) are all rising at an alarming rate in our world. WE give these diseases to ourselves. WE can do something to stop this. Self-Care is the purpose behind this pamphlet. Please read it and share it with your friends. If everyone makes an effort towards Self-Care, we will all be better off. Not to mention we can have a much better time."


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Anya Katz

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Recreation SanFrancisco Mother House; Seattle Abbey of St. Joan (revised), “Play Fair! ,” Queer and Trans Safer Sex Project, accessed September 20, 2020,

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