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Safer Sex SM brochure.pdf
"We developed this pamphlet with the help of experts in the field of education, as well as people experienced in safe, sane, and consensual BDSM." Includes information on HIV transmission, SM risk reduction, SM etiquette, lubricants, cleaning toys,…

SM AIDS brochure.pdf
"Gay men who enjoy S/M have always relied to a high degree on their imagination, mutual trust, and an awareness of limits and possible dangers. In the face of the AIDS epidemic even more ingenuity and risk-assessment are called for if S/M sex is to…

Low Risk for AIDS High Risk for Discrimination'.pdf
This brochure features of myths and facts about lesbians and AIDS, noting that while lesbians may be at low risk for developing AIDS, they are nonetheless targeted by AIDS-related homophobia.

Lesbians and AIDS pink brochure.pdf
This brochure includes basic information about the epidemiology of AIDS at the time, modes of transmission, safer sex practices for women who have sex with women, and why AIDS is a relevant social issue even to women who are not at risk.

Tri-fold pamphlet reminds readers to "Protect Your Parts!" and includes information on condom use, safer sex tips, safety guidelines for injecting hormones, and instructions on cleaning syringes.

Tri-fold pamphlet created by the Transgender Outreach Project in Urbana, IL and distributed at the True Spirit conference in Laurel, Maryland in 1999. The pamphlet discusses risk reduction techniques for trans masculine and trans feminine people.

Can We Talk brochure.pdf
Tri-fold pamphlet produced by the Harvey Milk Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club and distributed by the AIDS Project Hartford. "AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a serious crisis affecting everyone, but especially gay men. We wrote this…
"The epidemic isn’t over, but today we know a lot more about it. Although HIV/AIDS is preventable and manageable, staying negative is not automatic. HIV still affects gay men more than any other group, and gay men are still more likely than anyone…
"This guide addresses the diverse sexual desires and sexual activities of gay, bi, and queer trans men. It includes important information on the choices we have and the questions we should ask to stay safe and healthy: sexually, mentally and…
"This brochure will teach you how to reduce your risk of getting HIV and other STIs. Many people already have safer sex to protect themselves and their partners from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, the…
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